My teaching interests include Community Practice, Social Policy, Research, and Evaluation. I have have enjoyed teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. I use an active-learning approach to the classroom and seek community-engaged learning opportunities for students. Active-and engaged-learning support the translation of class content into practice, which is essential for social workers.

Teaching Experience

University of Iowa:

  • SSW: 3845: Social Work Processes (foundation macro practice)
  • SSW: 6145: Organization and Community Practice
  • SSW: 6148: Research Practice I
  • SSW: 7270: Research Practice II
  • SSW: 7297 and 7298: Advanced Practicum Seminar in Integrated Practice

University of Michigan:

  • Social Work 683: Evaluation in Social Work
  • Sociology 389: Project Community: Education (Graduate Student Instructor)
  • Sociology 389: Project Community: Public Health (Graduate Student Instructor)
  • Social Work 522: Basic Research (Lab Assistant)